This is the original Aesthetik Homepage circa 1998. It has been modified slightly for historical purposes.

The Boston band Aesthetik creates a sound never heard before when they combine modern pop rock with 90s hard rock. The sound attracts both the older and younger crowds with original thought-provoking lyrics, driving melodies, and grooving ambience that add a new emotion to music. The four members of Aesthetik, Andy Burkus, Erik Zukauskas, Eric 'Vinnie' Bisceglia, and Jake "Stumpy" Fink draw inspiration from many influences including U2, Radiohead, Extreme, and Tonic.

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this page was created in accordance with new york police code 5150. Any and all loiterers shall be held responsible for there own actions, and if there is blame to be placed, we the members and entourage of aesthetik ask very very nicely that you please place all blame on judas priest, well them or one of those other bands during the 80's that had to go to court to prove that their music wasn't causing the corruption of the youth of america. of course we're not implying in anyway that aesthetik is even in the least bit trying to corrupt you or your kids. I mean please, take a look at those 4 four guys up there. do you honestly think they could harm a fly? probably not, well maybe jesse, maybe,, so this is just a test of the emergency broadcast system, if this had been an actually emergency this page would self have self distrust a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, thank you and good night, this is CNN. Zapraszamy!!! Pierwsza polskojzyczna strona o The Kelly Family!!!
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