The Aesthetik Saga

     "Aesthetik steps to the mike and fills the room with love." - Basement Magazine
     "Aesthetik oozes potential out of every possible opening." - Mixxmag

      December 29, 1996: After three years of playing with bands going musically and professionally nowhere, Andy Burkus, Erik Zukauskas, Eric 'Vinnie' Bisceglia, and Jake Fink found themselves in an artistic stand still. Needing something new, Andy (vocals/rhythm guitar), Erik (lead guitar/vocals), Vinnie (percussion/vocals), and Jake (bass) collaborated, and found the beginnings of an amazing chemistry that we like to call Aesthetik.

      Aesthetik (es thet'ik): n. 1. A sublime combination of '80s hard rock (ie Extreme, Van Halen, Guns 'n Roses) and modern pop rock (ie U2, The Cure, Radiohead). 2. A sound that attracts both the older and younger crowds. 3. Original thought-provoking lyrics, driving melodies, and grooving ornamentations that create a new emotion never felt before through music.

      March 6, 1997: Aesthetik first presented itself publicly at the GDRHS Coffee House. The small audience gave Aesthetik a pleased response, but the guys weren't happy with their performance. Even with their seemingly incredible chemistry and personable showmanship, the guys felt that the crowd didn't fully partake Aesthetik. With this in mind, Aesthetik kept practicing and gigging, putting all their soul into the music.

      November 8, 1997: After nearly a year, Aesthetik opened for Faith No More at the annual Locobazooka festival in Worcester, MA, and released their first two song EP containing the songs Take it Back and Babydoll.
      What's more, Aesthetik has played countless gigs all across New England,and have attracted loyal fans that enthusiastically applaud the band on. The band that started off playing with the Male-Order Brides for an audience of twenty people has evolved into Aesthetik, the band that opens for Faith No More in front of five thousand fans.
      Still, Andy, Erik, Vinnie, and Jake aren't satisfied. Aesthetik has so much more to offer the world, and they won't stop the musical onslaught until Aesthetik sucks them dry.

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