F.A.Q. and little known facts

Little known Facts and stuff.....

- Every single member of Aesthetik wears prescription glasses

- Andy is lactose intolerant

- The band actually got kicked out of a gig once for playing to loud

- Vinnie is prone to injury do to school sports. Including, a nearly broken wrist from bassball before one show, and a concussion during a hockey game. Just to mention a few. Aesthetik injuries 0, Sports injuries 2

- Jake actually lost his lovely 5 string Fender J-bass at a show. Luckily it was found several days later in the same place he left it.

- On stage in Pelham NH, Andy referred to the audience and their entire town as being inbred. They didn't seem to mind and laughed along...

- At a battle of the bands Vinnie broke his snare drum head, Jake was playing with a beat up borrowed P-bass(he seemed to have misplaced his), and Erik was playing with an amp that actually blew up later in the night, and still, Aesthetik won first place.

- Aesthetik actually played a gig once for $17 and a pitcher of beer

- Aesthetik played two gigs at The Fishtown Artspace, and both times because of time constraints they were forced to cut one song from the set at the very end. And in both cases it was the same song, the Aesthetik staple "World In Motion"

- During Aesthetik's first show at the Middle East someone had a seizure during the song "Air You Breathe"

- After the first TT the Bears gig, Andy and Aeshtetik's former manager Jesse's ride never showed up. So they were stuck in the city of Boston at 1am, with no where to go and no where to sleep. Not to mention the 20 degree weather outside.

- Erik played an entire show once unknowingly through the clean channel of a borrowed amp.

- There is one good thing about playing coffee houses. Free Coffee. All we have to say about this is "The Bloated Elvis" :-)

- At one gig(that shall remain unamed)Several members of the band and their manager spend half the gig scalping unsold tickets in the parking lot

- Andy is left handed, but he plays a right handed guitar regularly like a righty. What a talented boy.

- At the Club Metro Show the bouncers wouldn't let Vinnie and Jake in the club because they were underage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do any bootleg recordings exist of Aesthetik?
A. Yes, and quite a few. Aesthetik has taped many of their live shows, and even a few of there early practices. Currently there are 4 known complete shows on audio tape. Two seperate Sir Morgans Cove shows, Club Metro, and a rare aesthetik acoustic performance. There also exists a complete aesthetik live video from Club Metro. If you search even deeper you'll find several aesthetik jams on audio and video, which cronicle the beginings of many Aesthetik classic songs. Unfortunatly the band members have no intention of ever releasing these truly pathetic versions of classics.

Q.What's the deal with the way Erik and Andy tune their guitars?
A.Aesthetik is a very unique band in the sence that neither of the guitar players tune their guitars the same. Erik uses the univeral standard E, A, D, G, B, E, tuning. Andy on the other hand tunes down a whole step on every string. D, G, C, F, A, D. For certain songs Andy uses a capo to acheive different voicings. But the blend of these two distinct ways of voicing chords together is what gives alot of Aesthetik it's unique and multi layered sound.

A.Hell if we know.

Q.Are you or have you ever been a member of any communist organization or political party or organization which advocates or advocated the overthrow of our constituational form of government in the United States of America, or do you have or have you had membership in or affliated with any group, association or organization which advocates or lent support to any orgnaization or movement advoationg the overthrow of our constitutional form of government in the United States of America?
A.All we want to do is play music, we're not communists. leave us alone. Well there's a slight possibility jake was, but that was just a phase, peer pressure or something. He was young. :-) j/k

Q.Are there any nude pics of Aesthetik?
A.Well, currently there are none that any of us know of, but you never know. Maybe if you ask really really nicely there could be, or with permission from Amy for the pics of Andrew.

Here's your chance

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