NAME - Eric Vincent Bisceglia
Birthdate - 11/23/81
Ht - 5'10"
Wt - 150
Hair Style - Vinnie
Eye color - Brown
Batting Average - 564
Hobbies -listening to music alone, hockey, baseball, thinking about non-school related things, sleeping, eating, and most of all, a hunger to eat large bass players
Turn Ons - Yasmeen Ghauri, Tom Jones, Legal Seafoods, Cold weather, Christmas
Turn Offs - Bass players, rap, stuck-up ugly people, country music.
Influences - Nuno, Mike Portnoy, Extreme, Richard Marx, Satriani, Don Kirby
Quote: " 'More than words, is all I ever needed to show. Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, Cause' I'd already know.' " Nuno N' Gary

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