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So, what's new in the world of Erik Z and his music?

To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure what's going on. I'm sort of at a crossroads. I haven't put out a new "album" since 2004, and although I have some ideas for new music, most of my efforts have been focused on Youtube and multimedia projects.

Which is perfectly fine. I've made loads of Youtube Guitar and Gear demos, that recently reached over one million views. My website here continues to get loads of traffic due to information about my gear and whatnot.

And maybe that is the direction I'll be moving in instead, away from full scale albums, and instead towards information based multimedia.

However, I'm not going to stop there. I have no intention of being just a Wikipedia of guitar pedal tones. I really enjoy making more bizarre, comedy and music theme videos, that may not be gear related, but more just mass entertainment. Mini-movies. Mini-videos. Stuff like that.

So that's about where I am right now. I'm still making gear demos, still making weird comedy videos, and still thinking about making normal full album music(but it's way back on there, on the way way way back burner)

So definitely follow me on Youtube if you haven't already. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter, although I don't post there nearly as often as Youtube. Although sometimes I do And I sometimes I don't.

Thanks for checking up on me, and as always.... eat that pork, eat that ham, laugh till you choke on Billy Graham."


If you have any questions, comments, ideas, whatever; feel free to drop Erik a line @