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- Kids Safety Headphones
If you're going to bring kids to concerts, you need to get hearing protection.

- How to make Pizza on the Grill
Besides being a musician, I'm also a cook, so I made a great video about how I make homemade pizza on the Grill. Check out the video and recipe.

- I'm a Bee in a Beer
The music and video for the "I'm a Bee in a Beer", the Drunk Bee song.

- Guitars for Beginners
A helpful guide to picking out a Guitar for a newbie.

- Musical Instruments For kids
Not just guitars, but all instruments for beginners

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The best place to buy just about anything on-line. Great prices on music gear as well.

- Analogman
Some of the best and most sought after guitar pedals in the world.

- B&H Photovideo
A great resource for camera equipment and high end pro audio. This is the "good" stuff.