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Tastes Like Chicken

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      Released in the spring of 1996, “Tastes like Chicken” is the most infamous of all of Erik’s Albums. It is also the most widely owned, outselling all of Erik’s early 4-Track demo albums combined. Erik wrote and recorded the entire album in the six months following the release of 1995’s Schizophrenic Daze. In fact, over half the album was recorded in a one week period in February 1996.
      Topics for this album definitely pushed the envelope of good taste, focusing quite a bit on the sophomoric sexuality of High School. “One Night Stand”, a nonsensical hyper sexual song about an encounter with a fictitious prom queen named Miranda, became the albums best known tune. Beyond the albums other sexual themes, “Tastes like Chicken” featured a wide array of introspective and dark subject matter, combined with some of Erik’s most technically proficient and powerful performances to date.
      The album also featured a sonic first for Erik; not just music this time, but audio snippets from random moments of Erik’s High School classmates in strange and sometimes awkward situations. These snippets are intertwined as interludes between songs.
      Original audio cassette versions of the album were hand signed and numbered, and album covers were available in an assortment of colors including red, blue, orange, yellow, and the extremely rare purple. Over a decade later, Erik continues to get e-mails from devoted fans telling him they still have an original copy.
      The original version of this album featured a cover of the Red Dwarf Theme, as well as a song written by Andrew Burkus (Dylansong). Neither could be included on this version due to copyright laws.

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