disc 1.The Allston Years

      Released in December 2001, “disc 1. The Allston Years” was written and recorded in the two year span following Erik’s completion of College. In the fall of 2000, Erik upgraded his recording studio from a basic 4-track set up, to a digital based recording studio with world class microphones and preamps. He utilized this technical leap forward to create the most pristine sonic recording to date.
      The Allston Years” mostly chronicles Erik’s life and times as an early 20 something struggling to find himself in a post school world.
      Beyond Erik’s normal introspective topics, “disc 1. The Allston years” features several political songs including the haunting, post 9/11, terror techno song “Insanity”, as well as the satirical country song “USA4FR” with its classic lyric “we’re half assed Americans”
     This album also features the only Erik Z cover of an older Erik Z tune. “A Wasted Night” from “Tastes like Chicken” is updated here.
01 - - It's Over
02 - - If my time comes
03 - - Stand By
04 - - Wonderland
05 - - Senate Hearings
06 - - Uptight
07 - - Country Life
08 - - The Road Ahead
09 - - South Korea
10 - - Little Wing
11 - - Drew's Shoes
12 - - She Says
13 - - A Wasted Night
14 - - Toilet Humor
15 - - 20 Something(Jaded & Cynical)
16 - - USA4FR
17 - - Porn Wisdom
18 - - Long Gone
19 - - Insanity
20 - - The End
21 - - ...or is it?

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