Demeter Silent Speaker Cabinet

Demeter SSC-1, Silenet Speaker Cabinet

The History of Erik's Demeter SSC-1

      Erik purchased the Demeter SSC-1, Silent Speaker Cabinet in 2006 as his answer to how to keep recording kick ass guitars, without waking his infant daughter, or pissing off his neighbors to the point of eviction. Essentially it’s a isolation chamber/guitar cabinet that has a microphone stand built right it. You plug your guitar head right in, just like you would a normal 4x12, and then add your own mic and place it however you want inside. Close up the door and you’ve got a mini iso booth. It’s pretty cool.

      Erik spent a lot time researching the cab prior to the purchase, contemplating both the Guitar Modelers (The Pod, Amp Plug in software, etc) and even some of the high end DI’s like the Palmer that can take the load from your amp. In the end he opted for “The Real Thing”. Everything else either faked a guitar speaker or forced you to start from scratch with a tone. And if you read review afer review, pretty much the best anyone can say about those other options is “it ALMOST sounds like the real thing.

      As far as sounds go... It is a real speaker and a real guitar cabinet. Erik’s version is loaded with the 80watt Eminence , although they also sell a version with a 25 watt vintage (Celestion Greenback I believe). It does have a slight EQ bump due to it’s small confined space, but a little EQ in the mix goes a long way and you can get pretty much any tone out of the Demeter that you can get with a full cabinet. Plus, this is the only option that allows you to use your own mic and find that “sweet spot”. Erik prefers condenser mics, since they seem to capture the bass and sound of his amp a bit better He currently uses a Audio Technica 3525 as his main Demeter recording mic..

      Erik has no "official" recordings with the Demeter just yet, but if you check out the Videos page, both the Warmoth Guitar Noodling & Analogman DS-1 vs Fulltone OCD you tube videos were recording using the SSC-1. In the case of the Warmoth Guitar Noodling video, you can actually see the Demeter sitting in the background to the left. The rack with the blinking light is sitting on top of it.

If you're looking to buy one yourself...

      Just to do a little pimping here. I bought mine from B&H Photovideo (yeah, the camera place). They actually sell them about $100 cheaper than buying direct from Demeter. If you click on my ad over there to the right, then on to their site click “Add to cart for lower Price” they actually drop the price as you’re checking out. Well worth it if you’re looking to save a few bucks.
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