Fender Strat

The History of Erik's Fender Strat

Erik purchased this guitar new in June of 1996. Used mostly as backup guitar during the Aesthetik days, it managed to find its way on to a few Aesthetik songs including the studio version of “Take it back”.

In 2005, during a period in which Erik’s Ibanez was broken, he began to rewire it so that it could be his main recording guitar. At first basic shielding was added, and a few pickups were changed, but this quickly opened a Pandora’s Box of modifications. It currently has a Seymour Duncan Cool Rails in the bridge, Seymour Duncan SSL-5 in the middle and a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails in the neck. It is also wired with a series/single coil cut/parallel switch and an oversized “always on” switch (from radio shack) for the bridge pickup. These two switches allow for a total of 15 unique pickup combinations, and would later become the prototype for Erik’s Warmoth Strat.

In 1997 Erik colored in the pickguard with a black and white checker board pattern using a black sharpie. Very little remains on the pickguard of the original design except under the strings and near the tone knob. Contrary to popular belief, the checkerboard was an homage to the band Cheap Trick and was not a Ska reference. Eventually the guitar would have a US Mail Bugs Bunny sticker, 2 Beer Advocate stickers and host of other Capital One Visa stickers placed on the pick guard. There is also a “Radioactive” sticker on the back of the headstock. The general messiness of the guitar, including a margarita spill stain on the headstock, serve as a testament to the abuse this guitar has sustained over the years.

This guitar continues to be Erik’s #1 “around the house” guitar.

Songs that feature the Fender Strat

Three and a Half Years gone..

All there is
Generation White Trash
Trapped in Heaven
Big Top
She's a Bitch
I Wish I had a gun
Sultans of Swing
God Hates Fags

disc 1. The Allston Years

The Road Ahead
Little Wing
She Says
A Wasted Night
The End