Oscar Schmidt P-Bass - "The Shit Bass"

The History of "The Shit Bass"

This is an Oscar Schmidt P-Bass and was purchased used in May 1993 specifically for a one time gig with the short lived band “Cigar” i n which Erik played bass. This instrument was featured on all three of Erik’s albums between 1994-1996. It currently sits in Erik’s studio collecting dust.

The most striking feature of this bass of course is the numerous stickers. They include; A Sam Black Church logo, a Tasmanian Devil holding a Doritito (yes that is actually a bag of cool ranch dorritos just taped to the bass), and six cut outs from a Sport Illustrated Swim Suit calendar. At one time the entire fret board was covered in pictures from the Sports illustrated swim suit calendar, but they fell off long ago. On the back (not pictured), is a magazine cut out of a fully nude women covered in strategically placed dollops of whipped cream. Then of course there is the “SHIT” logo on the headstock, which was creatively made using black electrical tape, blocking out the letters “C”, “M” & “D” in the word Schmidt.

This bass is a classic, it actually doesn’t sound too bad. Erik hopes to rewire it and maybe put it back into use one day.

Songs that feature the "Shit Bass"

Tastes Like Chicken

Fast Lane
One Night Stand
A Wasted Night
Death by Drowning
Cherry Pickin'
It's Lynchin' Time

Schizoprehnic Daze

Schizophrenic Daze
The Abyss
I Said
I'm a Spiffy Guy

The First Album (Bear Crossing)

Scherzo in A Minor
Spearmint Toothpaste
A day in my life
Look what you've done

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