The Current Setup

A Brief History of the Current Studio

In 2000, Erik invested in what is now his main studio. Built around Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer software,MOTU 2408mkII interface and powered by a Macintosh G4, this setup was worlds away from the little Tascam tape deck he'd used since he was 15.

disc 1. The Allston Years was recorded with a primitive version of the studio as Erik continued to upgrade and refine it’s pieces during the two year creation of the album. The recording software actually started with MOTU’s stock “Audio Desk”, then it was upgraded to Digital Performer 2.7 eventually ending with Digital Performer 3.1. Microphones used were mostly a mix of the SM57, AT3525 and TLM103, although the TLM 103 was purphased after about half the album was already recorded and only finds it way on select songs. The Focusrite ISA110 and Alesis QSR also were not purchased till the end of 2001 and are only heard on a few tracks including “The End” and “Insanity”. On a few tracks Erik used a demo version of Antares Auto-Tune to give it that “Cher” effect and tweak some vocals. Erik would love to get his hands on a 3.0 MAS version of Autotune (Antares refuses to sell it since it's obsolete), so if you have it, please shoot Erik an e-mail. He’d really appreciate it. Thanks. :-)

Three and a half years gone was recorded with the bulk of the equipment you see listed below. There’s really not much to tell. Mostly Erik refined his recording techniques and song writing. Guitars were recorded with either his 5150 head, or Fender Twin reverb using an SM57 or TLM103. Vocals and acoustic guitar were pretty much all TLM103 through the focusrite. Bass was all the Fender Jazz direct and drums were all DR770 programmed. One thing Erik did do with this album, that he hadn’t with the previous was rely more on MIDI to sequence and tweak the recordings. It’s definitely a bit more polished than disc. 1. However Erik still feels his studio and skills have a long way to go. Recording knowledge and wisdom is always a work in progress.

The Studio

Software & Hardware

- Macintosh dual 450 G4
- MOTU Digital Performer 3.1
- Bias Peak 2.0

Rack Gear

MOTU 2408mkII
Focustrite ISA110 mic preamp/EQ
Lexicon MX300 Reverb ( not featured on any recordings, yet)
Zoom DSP 9150 (guitar processor only)
Tascam DA20 DAT
FMR Audio RNC Compressor 1773


Neumann TLM 103
Shure SM57
Audio Technica 3525
Sennheisser 421mkII (sold in 2008)

Keyboards, Drum Machines, etc

Alesis QSR
Roland D-20
Boss DR770

Misc Gear.

- Demeter SSC Silent Speaker Cabinet (not purchased until 2006)
- Behringer 1604 four bus mixer (used mostly for monitoring)
- Yamaha MSP 10 monitors
- Remo ‘Pear” shaker
- Fender Twin Reverb amp (featured on both albums, sold in 2006)
- Big Fish Audio “LA Beats, Big Rocking Beats” Drum Samples

All of Erik's music is available at

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